Posted by: irrational basis | January 5, 2009

Thank God for a New Year

I know I’m a few days late, but Happy 2009!!!!   The thing that has hit me these last couple of days is how much better 2009 is starting off compared with 2008.  This time last year, I was still trying to recover from failing the Bar and trying to psych myself up for the reality of studying for and taking it again.  I was contemplating how much I actually wanted to be a lawyer, trying to find a sense of purpose in working as an office administrator or receptionist, and struggling to revive my self-esteem, while enduring a household of five other roommates and living out of a suitcase.  Fast-forward to today when I’m newly engaged to my sexy man, have a decent job, am getting to do appellate work, living in our own place, confident about our future, and can sort of claim to have put the Bar Exam behind me (b/c believe me I still cringe when I have to say, no, I did not pass the first time around…)  Too, I am incredibly relieved that the constant stress, anxiety and excitement of the elections are over and that, for the first time in eight long years, there is a positive, encouraged atmosphere in a large portion of the country again.  I am thankful that my period of unemployment finally came to an end and I am so glad that I have a job, whatever it is, in these hard times.  I hate to make the blanket statement – “I’m so relieved this year is over” – because that would be slighting some wonderful, significant events that happened this year, but, I admit that those were the exact words that came out of my mouth as the night ended on December 31.

I am really thankful to whoever came up with the concept of years.  The idea of dividing our lives up into 365 day, “year” long periods.  Imagine the sense of hopelessness if we just counted days – ex.  today is day 125,678, 345, tomorrow is day 125, 678, 346.  AAAAAHHH!!!!  There would be no sense of “starting over” or having a fresh beginning… every day would really feel just the same.  I know it is purely a mental trick, but I appreciate that the date changes, the words are different, and 1-1-2009 signifies a clear break from 12-31-08.

So, here’s to a new year.  A year for new beginnings, new adventures, new opportunities; New goals, new projects, new friends, new cases.

God, I am so glad 2008 is over.  Welcome, welcome 2009.

Happy New Year.



  1. I think when you look back some day you will remember 2008 with fondness. Happy new year.

  2. Happy New Year, K!

    It is a total mental trick.
    But it’s working.
    I woke up so relieved and happy on 1/1/09.

  3. I thought the new year really began when Obama gets sworn in.

  4. Or, without years, every day could be a fresh and new beginning.

    Happy New Year!

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